Kinky and Beast Title :The Kinky and the Beast
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Exclusive interview with Kinky and Beast

How did you become involved in this whole Folsom Europe for women thing?
Kinky: Well, there we 'd like to thank ...
Beast: No names please! We would have to say thank you to a participant of the International womens' SM conferenz. Hey, sweety! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Kinky: Both our roommates were told that it would be so great if we had some stuff happening for women at Folsom Europe. And the organization of that really wouldn't be too demanding - and sure there would be many, many women attending because there will be no WALP this year.
Beast: They listened to all this and thougt: Yeah, right, but surely somebody else can do that.
Kinky: Well, and then, back in Berlin things turned out a bit different ... First off, we came onto the scene. A lovely lady who designs sea-gulls in bondage discovered us (throws back her ears with an impressive verve) when she came to visit. Without her I'd still be stuck in that closet, sitting next to this disgusting singing donkey (her body shakes)! The first plan was for us to be just the pin ups for the play party -
Beast: - but then more and more people became involved and brought their ideas into the whole thing, started organizing stuff, and so more and more pictures were needed (sighs). Life as a model can be very demanding you know. The flashlights, the photographers who are never ever satisfied, the posing ... being right there every moment ...
So do you wish sometimes to be back in the closet?
Kinky: Far from it!
Beast: No.
Will we have the chance to see you at the various events?
Beast: I sure hope so! But our management didn't decide anything yet. All I can say is that we are hoping for t-shirts, autograph cards, posters, screaming fans, a red carpet, a throne -
Kinky - new outfits -
Beast: and at least one live performance.
Kinky: Hey, if you out there read this, write to our management and demand our presence! For a start you can take our pictures from this website and put them on t-shirts (and wear those of course). Or you can donate just a little, little bit of money so we can have made stickers ... or ...
Beast: Shut up! This is so embarrassing ...
What are your recommendations for the perfect Folsom weekend?
Kinky: Arrive Berlin at thursday night so you can cruise on friday (licks her snout)!
Beast: And don't forget the picknick! I especially like meat balls ... if somebody could make those (smacks her lips) ... and as for saturday night: party, party, party! Only thinking about this place makes me hot ... I mean, they didn't take us when they went to the Avalon Residenz, we only saw the pictures on the net and had to listen to our roommate's ravings ...
Kinky: And those sound soooooo yummy! So: Do! Go! There! And keep your fingers crossed that we will be there as well.
Beast: Yeah, and we want to see action (looks at Kinky) and experience it!
Kinky: Oh, oh, I guess I will be on the receiving end (tries for a wide-eyed innocent look).
Beast: Who else? And on the next day the games will go on (strokes a whip with her paw).
What are your suggestions to prepare for the weekend?
Kinky: To work up your appetite just look at our pictures (strikes a pose and looks around for a camera).
Beast: Don't forget to register!
Kinky: Polish your boots.
Beast: Or let them be polished.
Kinky: Pack your bag - maybe more than one ... and bring along a beautiful butch to carry them (flutters her eyelashes).
Beast: So obvious (throws back her mane)!
(The interviewer looks rather nervous while Kinky and Beast walk around each other very aggressively. Is that still a game? Safe, sane, consensual? Beast throws up her paws, Kinky shakes her hips, Beast growls and jumps on Kinky, Kinky lets herself fall on her back and starts to make sounds full of pleasure ... the interviewer mumbles her thanks and slowly leaves the premises.)