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introductory offer  Going Deeper

Try something new for a change? Looking for a party rendez-vouz? Need play mates for a group scene in the basement vault? Too shy-shy?
This can be fixed: a two minute walk from the street fair, on Welserstrasse, our workshop space is located. Frl. Rottenmeier , known for all sorts of S/M gaiety ;-) invites you to palpate and interrogate. The exact way in which this is going to happen will be defined at short notice - curiousness is a virtue ;-). All in all, the event will last for about one hour, fun included. Because our playground is limited in size, we ask you to let us know with your registration for the playparty, whether you'll participate. Nota bene: First come, first play (or serve, if you're into it :-))
Meeting point for those who are afraid to be distracted by fancy toys and leather boys on their way to the workshop space and those who tend to get lost in Berlin courtyard mazes: 2.50 pm at the fair’s womens’ booth. Otherwise we'll see each other on-site (address will be given out along with your party confirmation).
When Saturday (06.Sept.2008) 2:50 / 3:00
Where Womens' booth / workshop space
  5 min walk from subway stop Viktoria-Luise-Platz
You want to go deeper. You have a feeling there is this whole other space inside yourself, because you keep dreaming about it. Or you know this space because you have already been there for longer or shorter wonderful moments in your life. You want to find the way there, or maybe find the key to a closed door. You want to explore this space further, rediscover precious feeling, seduce a new partner to join you there, you want to dive deeper into your submission or intensify your dominance.
What excites you or pulls you, what touches you, what catches you, what makes you weak in the knees? What scares you or confuses you? Is it about resistance or voluntary surrender, about subjection, overpowering, about closeness of distance? Where do you want to go? And can you go even deeper?
We - Miraz and Tania - offer an 4 to 5 hour intensive workshop for those who want to explore their own desires. We will use practical exercises and experiments, we will talk and share, work and play, laugh and struggle alongside you. Let us see how far we can get...
No experience needed, only a open mind and a positive personal interest in D/S.
You can come alone or with one or more partners - all women and XX transgendered people are welcome (straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual). In this workshop we enjoy and celebrate diversity within our queer women's SM community.
Admission is 25 ,- Euro per person. Registration discount till August 10th is 20,- Euro. For those for whom money is an issue, reduction is possible. Please let us know what languages (German and/or English) you can follow well enough to do a workshop in. At the moment we are planning to do the workshop in German only, but if many women express a need for an English language workshop, we will try to look at other (pleasant) solutions. 
Saturday (06.09.2008) 11:00 - 16:30
If enough people register before 10th august:
Possibly Sonntag (07.09.2008) 12:00 - 17:30