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Meet & Greet & Cruise!

The traditional picknick has moved from the ‘Tiergarten’ to the North of Berlin. Regarding the miserable weather in the passed years we tried to find a place with a roof and came up with the ‘Ufer-Café’.
It's a cosy café which will host us exclusively that afternoon and night. Here you can meet old friends and make new ones as well as plan your Folsom-weekend. Indoors there will be food and drinks while the outdoor area at the nearby waterside will turn into a cruising-area.
Two of us went to check out the ambiance of the cruising-area-to-be and now they can't wait for September! And hope for the best weather conditions ever on a Folsom weekend ...
So don't miss it!
When Friday (05.09.2008) starting 17:00
Where Ufer-Café
  Nordufer 4, 13353 Berlin
a 10 minutes walk from S+U - Bahnhof Wedding does not show the correct address and also a wrong position for the S-Bahn station ‘Wedding’. Please use instead and fill in the form as shown on the sreenshot below.