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August, 26: International Ms Leather (US) 2008 will be attending the festivities!

‘I live in Seattle Washington, I am 40 years old, a total bottom and like hot butch tops. I'm really excited to be coming to Berlin!’

August, 26: Dear lovers of high heels,

we are excited to be able to offer you a pony service. Two of these adorable creatures will each pull a (small) carriage taking you safely over the rough part of the way right to the gates of the Avalon. Of course, all of you who are enjoying such services are allowed to take place in a carriage regardless of your type of footgear.

August, 17: Sorry, but you missed the early bird registration

As of today the entrance fee for the play party ‘The Kiny and the Beast’ is 20,- euros.

August, 14: The first waiting list...

is for the ‘Introductory Offer’ :-(

July, 27: Oops!

Since talking about ‘The Kinky and the Beast’- play party we had a deadline for the registration in mind. Only we forgot to publish it ...
So here it is: Admission fee for all registrations until August, 15 is 15,- euos. From August, 16 onward it will be 20,- euros. Your last chance to register is August, 31, 2008!
And: We added links to to show you where the venues are.

July, 21: Where to stay

In case you're looking for a place to stay in Berlin (or could offer one), please check out our board at

July, 19: We did it!

The registration is online.

June, 29: Welcome!

In September Folsom Europe will take place in Berlin - and we will be part of the fun and are looking forward to seeing you :-)
We - at the beginning were three women organizing a play party. As soon as word got around others joined in and started organizing more events. Now we have the pleasure to present all these events on this website. Big thanks to all of you donating your creativity, time and work!
Looking around this website you will find all sorts of activities for women, xx-transboys and all those who feel they still have links to the womens’ SM community.
Our community will be present at the Street Fair (saturday, Sept. 6th) with a stand. Come and join the fun, meet and chat with adorable women, get a date for the party ...
For your pleasure we not only organized one but two play parties (and who knows what else people will come up with as we go along)! And it will definitely be a good idea to arrive in Berlin at friday (Sept. 5th) to be able to enjoy our ‘Meet & Greet & Cruise’.
In case you're tired after all the action at the Street Fair why not participate in one of the workshops?!
For now have a good time exploring our website and working up your appetite for September!
One last remark: dear native english speakers, please excuse our laughter inducing english translation. If you want to help to improve it you're very welcome! Just write June :-)