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In this quiz we are using exclusively female terms - everybody else please feel included!
For some questions you may feel that more than one answer is correct, please choose the one which is the closest to your opinion.
Finally the party gets going, the scenes are negotiated some are already playing, everybody is having fun. Everybody? Are you willing and able to allow yourself as well as others the delights of a play party :-)
The beating I get from my top is too intense. / The responses of my bottom are unclear to me. Does she want more or is it too much? I ...
  1. stick it out stoically, because I am one tough bottom.
  2. don't admit that I am insecure, because then I would loose all my coolness as a top.
  3. am irritated, but nothing is worse than to stop a scene so I just go on.
  4. say "yellow" and tell my partner what is wrong for me in this moment.
  5. wait til the play is over and then I'm going to give my partner hell because she is responsible for my well-being during a scene.
There are all these wonderful toys lying around and it is so tempting to play with them ...
  1. I take a closer look.
  2. I chose one to test it out.
  3. I ask the owner who is in the middle of a scene if I can borrow one of her toys.
  4. I don't want to disrupt the ongoing scene, so I just take the toys I like. It's not like I'm not going to return them later!
  5. I watch and admire the owner and her skillfull handling of her beautiful toys. Maybe later I will have a chance to talk to her.
Every person is responsible for her own well-being means ...
  1. I can do whatever I want. If somebody feels disturbed by it she sure will tell me.
  2. that I am treating me and my limits carefully as well as the limits of others.
  3. that I don't have to ask questions during the negotiation of a scene. Since my play is a responsible person she will tell me everything I need to know about her.
  4. that I can take part in a scene at any time. If the women playing are annoyed by it they will tell me so.
  5. that I can play as loud as if me and my play mates are alone in the room, and that we can take all the space we feel we need.
I am walking around enjoying to watch all the action that is going on. Suddenly I see a scene where blood is involved. This really is my limit. My knees start to get weak and seeing all this blood cause feelings all but erotic to evolve. So ...
  1. I ask the players politely to stop this scene.
  2. I walk away.
  3. I talk about it with others who also watch the scene. And I make sure that I'm talking loud enough for everyone to hear.
I notice that a highly regarded top breaks one of the party rules. I ...
  1. suppose that she and her bottom agreed about that in advance and so I do nothing about it.
  2. quickly walk away and act as if I've seen nothing.
  3. think, well her, she is above something as profane as rules anyway.
  4. ask everyone standing nearby if they think as well that this isn't allowed.
  5. gather my courage and go over to her to tell her politely about the broken rule. I mean, we're all just human, right?
  6. am to shy to tell Her anything like that. I am sure somebody else will do it.
  7. yell at her what she thinks she's doing! She of all people should act as a role model at all times!
The scene I just played with someone didn't come along as I wanted it to. I feel neglected, disppointed, unsatisfied, not being taken care of enough, disrespected or ... (please fill in any according sentiment for you) and so I ...
  1. walk over to a good friend of mine to tell her exactly how wrong my play partners treated me.
  2. pour my heart out to the next person who is willing to listen.
  3. talk to the women I played with.
  4. go find the organizers of this party to complain about what happened.
  5. blame my play partners for my feelings and yell at them. Hey, they deserve it!
In two minutes time I have to be in the play area of the party. But I'm still eating and my glass is half full.
  1. I take the food and drink with me, I'm sure we can integrate that in our play and that is better than to be late.
  2. I take the risk of being too late (and will face the consequences) because to play out this scene still feeling hungry or thirsty simply isn't a good idea.
  3. I'm here to play! I can eat / drink later!
  4. That kind of bad timing just doesn't happen to me.
A woman in a scene says the word "red" and the scene I'm watching continues.
  1. I think of red roses, red welts, red as blood, aurora, red sunsets at the pacific, blushing, ...
  2. As nobody else takes action I interrupt the scene.
  3. And? That word will make sense in the context of this scene even if I don't see it.
  4. I don't like red I prefere black. But everyone to her taste.
  5. I quickly walk away. I don't want to witness this kind of disrespectful play.
  6. Sure someone more experienced than me will take care of this situation.
I am determined to test out my single tail for the first time at this party.
  1. I look for a willing victim and just start whipping her.
  2. That woman over there uses one and she seems to be knowing exactly what she's doing. So I'm walking over to her and ask if she wants to teach me.
  3. Do you really think I'm that crazy? I start practicing at home.
  4. I ask the ladies who are not involved in a scene if one of them has experience with that toy and would be willing to teach me.
  5. Well, I wouldn't do that with a single tail. Softer toys would be alright though.
What is she asking me? If I read the party rules?
  1. Me? With all my experience?
  2. If every woman takes good care for herself, we don't need rules.
  3. Is there anything new? Show me that paper.
  4. I always do that. And I always force everybody else to do it as well.
  5. Sure.
  6. Am I here to read? Let the games begin!
After the party I need to talk about the experienced scenes and those I watched, therefore ...
  1. I talked with the women I played with that night.
  2. I talk about my experiences but I respect the privacy of everyone involved.
  3. I tell each and everybody what everyone has done and what I think about it.
Safer Sex ...
  1. is an invention of the producers of latex to gain more money.
  2. is ridiculous and doesn't apply for women.
  3. is unattractive, I want to feel skin on skin.
  4. protects of unpleasant and / or deadly side-effects.
  5. is my fetish no 1! Never without latex!
  6. is a necessary evil.
  7. is possibly forgotten in a hot scene.
  8. protects me and my partners.
Alcohol and other drugs ...
  1. I do need to overcome my shyness so I can talk to a woman and aks her if she wants to play with me.
  2. limit my ability to judge a situation as well as my reactions that's why I don't do them whenever I want to play.
  3. are a good way to get into the mood.
  4. If there are others who are okay to play with me when I drink or take other drugs I do so.
  5. unsettle me, so I don't combine play and any kind of drug and I say so during a negotiation of a scene.
  6. increase my ability to accept pain. I can't do without and tell that everybody who is interested in doing a scene with me.
  7. Everyone has to know her limits with that. I assume my play partners are sober until they tell me they're not.
  8. For what? I prefere the flush I get out of a scene to a hang over ...
  9. only afterwards.